Burnaby, BC

Dear London Landscapes & Masonry,

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all the years of hard work you have spent transforming our yards from barren featureless terrains to private oases.  We cannot begin to express the happiness and peacefulness we experience when we take a break from our busy schedules to spend time in the various gardens.  From sitting on the swing or playing a game of chess under the Pergola with the roof of wisteria flowers, walking through the stepping stone pathways, in the shade, of the Secret Garden, or simply just sitting, on one of the many stone ledges, and watching the birds play in the trees, shrubs, and vines.  Over the years we have watched the stonework and gardens mature and now our property is like one would see in the “Olde World” which has been maintained for hundreds of years.

The London Landscape and Masonry team worked with us from the beginning (i.e. from the design phase) to the end (i.e. to the completion of construction) and never backed down from the many unique challenges we wanted to have created.  A few examples are the freestanding stone archway (like one would find in a castle); the heated cobblestone driveway (constructed using traditional Roman cobblestone road techniques); the aqueduct (natural rain water runoff is collected and used to create a unique water feature); the stone and glass Celtic Knot Inlay at the front entrance; and the traditional Celtic stone fire bowls.  It was London Landscapes attention to every little detail that made sure each unique feature was constructed successfully.

Over the years, we have undertaken many renovations, and there are always unexpected surprises and problems that need to be remediated.  London Landscapes years of experience, tenacity, and commitment to making sure the renovations were completed properly fixed many of the landscaping issues we had with this property.  For example, a deteriorated wooden retaining wall was at the point of collapsing into our neighbour’s yard.  London Landscapes replaced it with an Allen Block® retaining wall and chain link fence which our neighbour now enjoys as a backdrop to expand her gardens.

The reason we contacted London Landscapes is because we wanted our private space to be something we can call our own, not something copied from another property, nor the latest trend featured in a magazine.  London Landscapes’ creations are unique and timeless much like the historical gardens in England, Ireland, and Scotland.  The traditional construction methods, used by London Landscapes, creates gardens that will last for generations.  You can feel this when touching any of the stone walls and standing stones (gallán in Irish Gaeilge or tursa in Scottish Gàidhlig), or see this when walking along any of the stone pathways and steps or walking through the freestanding stone archway.

London Landscapes and Masonry excellent project management made sure the project was completed within the estimated time and within budget by providing detailed cost estimates and explaining the level of effort required prior to the start of any phase of the project or any additional work requested; providing updated project accruals for any payment installments.  As with any residential construction, there are always distractors and issues and I must say London Landscapes was always courteous and professional when dealing with these distractions.

Once again we would like to thank London Landscapes and Masonry and are looking forward to the next phase of our outdoor renovations which is already in the planning phase.


Lowell & Louise